Bloodroot exists to give people the experience of being witnessed, to feel free and to catalyze liberation in the world.

2024 Retreat Dates Coming Soon

About The Experience

Suspend time to enter deeply into daily multi-dimensional, embodiment + healing arts workshops led by trained healers + facilitators oriented towards politicized liberation work.

Experience your own private, hour-long Bloodroot photography session with Rachel + a loving witness there to support you as you allow yourself to be seen in your truth, power + goodness.

Join a powerful community of humans coming together with the intention of personal + collective transformation.


You are on a journey with your body and desire to take the next step towards radically loving yourself

You long to remember what’s already in you (the love, goodness + fullness of your being) 

You desire a community of people consciously moving towards freedom in + through their bodies not just for ourselves but for the world  

You’re ready to be witnessed, even if it feels scary! (just about everyone is nervous to be in front of the camera)

You desire a place where you can be you and feel what you feel, where grief, rage, joy + sensuality are welcome

You crave to be in nature + to cultivate a relationship with the earth

You need a break from it all and a place to just be, eat delicious food and rest

Bloodroot Retreats are spaces for cis + trans women, those marginalized by gender, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experience of women.

Private Bloodroot Sessions are open to people of all gender identities.


A Bloodroot retreat is an experience like no other. Born from a desire to remember the body as home, it is a space for liberation in and through our bodies. It is about being witnessed in our wholeness and not looking away and pushing back on harmful stories that exist not just within our bodies but within the body of our culture, our communities and our world...

Through an intentionally curated retreat space with generous permission, abundant community, space for rest and deep witnessing on an individual + collective level, our hope is that you leave freer than you came. We believe that when we tell the truth of who we are with our hearts and bodies, we can move mountains and shift entire paradigms.

Workshops include somatic release, movement, creative expression through writing, art making, Earth honoring + relationship, tincture making, meditation + more.

Be Seen in your Truth

Experience your own private, hour-long Bloodroot photography session with Rachel + a loving witness there to support you as you allow yourself to be seen in your truth, power + goodness.  We provide a delightful array of natural props and an ample full gender spectrum wardrobe to play with during your session.

Support for Your Body

Be supported through a relaxing personal reiki session or spiritual reading held by a trained reiki master. Our experienced staff includes a body- & energy-based psychotherapist as well as those trained in politicized liberation work.

You Belong Here

Join in a powerful community of humans coming together with the intention of personal + collective transformation. Evening fire pits, creative sharing, dance parties + so much more. Not only will you share the retreat experience together but we also gather before the retreat and again after within 2 months time for our Collective Witnessing, a post retreat circle for the purpose of witnessing the images made during Bloodroot Sessions. 


We select beautiful and spacious settings that allow for privacy.


Rachel Liu

Rachel (they/she) serves as the Bloodroot photographer, creator of Bloodroot Sessions, and co-director of Bloodroot. She is a general bringer of witchery + care.

Angela Clinton

Angela (she/her) is the coordinator of Bloodroot Retreats, co-director of Bloodroot, radical heart + body cheerleader, session witness and workshop facilitator.

Terna Tilley-Gyado

Terna (say Tayna, she/her) shows up to Bloodroot as a caring holder of people, body + energy based psychotherapist, session witness and workshop facilitator.

Thema Haida

Thema (she/her) is a reiki master bringing her magic through private reiki sessions and readings for retreat participants and as a workshop facilitator.


TW (they/she) brings their warrior mama spirit to Bloodroot as a session witness, meditation + earth centered workshop facilitator + with fanny pack support.

Elizabeth Nearing

Elizabeth (she/her) offers her hands and heart to Bloodroot through her exuberant care of others, joy-filled workshop facilitation and hostess with the mostess super skills.

Brandon Hutchinson

Brandon (she/her) brings her gentle fierceness to her role as session witness. Offering her healing presence as a deep listener, reiki practitioner and workshop facilitator.

DIsha patel

Disha (they/she) is a farmer + culinary wizard. They bring their wild skill + deep capacity to make food an art form + an offering of love to those who attend Bloodroot.

For more detailed bios on the Bloodroot team click here


The Bloodroot retreat starts at $2,400 with limited spaces for different types of accommodations options. In alignment with our values we offer 5 sliding scale slots for those who are financially otherwise unable to attend. Payment plans are available.


We offer sliding scale slots that are open to anyone with financial need. We give priority to BIPOC individuals, those with disabilities + those who are single parents. We aim to be inclusive to those with disabilities and are not always able to make the accommodations needed.

We are committed to creating the conditions for Bloodroot to be a space that feels inclusive, diverse + welcoming. We take into consideration the identities within the group + do our best to create a racially balanced group experience for those that come to our retreat. 

10 % of our profits go towards the support of the Chappaquiddick Tribe of the Wampanoag Indian Nation.